Tips on How to Get a Winning bet9ja booking prediction

Tips on How to Get a Winning bet9ja booking prediction

Now we can move on the soft and tasty part of the cake: our tips on how to get a winning prediction at bet9ja. Let’s get straight to the point:

Bet More or Less?

Best practice dictates that betting on a smaller amount of games with higher odds produces better results than betting on a huge number of games with lower odds. The saying ‘all eggs in one basket’ is used more as a warning against putting all your money on a single-game bet. But nothing is stopping you on investing a part of your bankroll on a limited number of smartly selected games – 10 is the magic number, but it may be less than that. It’s important to remember that the key touch here is to select games with favorable odds.

Running Ticket – Yes or No?

Consider playing a running ticket. Running tickets are played over the span of a few days or even weeks. This will release you to perform more thorough research, so you can only pick the games with the biggest potential out of the bunch.

Do the Math

Stats, stats, stats! While studying statistics on team performance may not be the defining factor in predicting the outcome of a game, it will give you a solid ground to step on and develop your predictions. For a clear big picture look, combine the insights you extract from statistics with current events surrounding the team of your choice, logical conclusions about in-game peculiarities (manager tactics), and even hunches that you may have.

Focusing your Bets

If soccer is your forte, it’s better to focus your bets in one category rather than many. Betting on goals is the most obvious choice. It is better to limit yourself into one box than disperse your energy and money on several. Exercise your control over the risk. Get started on learning about Bet9ja, and see how you can use this skill on their platform.

Controlling the urge

You may have heard the African proverb: “Greed loses what it has gained.” How true. Try to curb your urges to bet bigger amounts or to bet immediately after a demotivating loss. It is advisable to allocate a certain amount from your bankroll to use for betting. And it is important to stick to this plan rather than make snap decisions that may inflict unrecoverable damages.

With the five tips, you will be well-armed to make some money on bet9ja. We hope our articles will help you bet more wisely and profitably. And remember to play responsibly and adopt a leisurely attitude towards online betting. We wish you luck!


We try to inform ahead of being an affiliate partner of an online gambling company. If readers are redirected to our advertising partners from within our platform, we receive a referral fee. However, we are motivated to inform and advise players on how to play responsibly online. Our articles are not affected by remuneration, and we take into account the accuracy of the information we provide to you. To finish, we must note that our tips are not intended to be used a substitute for professional advice or help.

Also, shed some light on the codes used by Nigeria’s No.1 betting site bet9ja. Bet9ja use codes that represent different odds and prediction categories. We advise you to spend some time to understand what each code means, which will help you not placing the wrong bets out of some misunderstanding.

Use the tips listed out above to make your bet9ja predictions winning. Try them now!

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